Modern Economic Theory for the Digital Economy

Interesting interview with professor Steve Keen, where he explains the role of debt in GDP (not currently included in economic models). He models the effects on lending acceleration and repayment options (slow vs. fast) in economic cycles and explains how he was able to successfully predict the 2008 economic crisis. Contrary to traditional Western fiscal … More Modern Economic Theory for the Digital Economy

Are all models wrong?

If you say “All models are wrong” then the most important issue is to define the words. “All” is quite clear, “are” also is without much doubt. So, we are left with “models” and “wrong” … The more interesting discussion is the one about the definition of truth. The philosopher Bertrand Russell has written something on truth about a century ago in his book The Problems of Philosophy (ch. XII): “It will be seen that minds do not create truth or falsehood. … More Are all models wrong?